How can I clone ion-input on click

I am trying to clone ion-input element on button click event.

Just like there is clone() method in jquery, I was wondering, if there is a similar method in ionic 3

I searched everywhere, I am not able to find anything, what I want to achieve.

If anybody can share a link of some demo, or point me in the right direction, I will very much appreciate it.

I am using:
Ionic version - 3.7.0
Cordova version - 7.0.1

what do you want to do exactly? because I am not fluent with jquery

cloning in the DOM probably isn’t the best course of action here. Maybe instead have an array on the controller that has some data pushed in on click, and the template binds to that with an *ngFor


Thank you so much @beck24, you tip was very useful, I was able to achieve what I wanted.

You were right, there is no need to manipulate the dom in angular.