How can i add database functionality to my app

Ok, so first of all, assuming you have a website that required users to sign up and create a profile… you’d also have a database in your server that you created where the info would go to. and you also uploaded this database when you were buying hosting. (assuming)

So now with that concept how would it work for mobile apps? assuming you don’t have hosting and you don’t want to use firebase because the cost might be much in the long run…

Someone told me sqlite, but i don’t really get how that would work. because the database is meant to be online so an admin can also monitor what’s going on and how many users are there.

So my question is how can i get this database functionality to work just the way it’s done for web development

Two main optiions: roll your own, or use a service. Both have been discussed here at some length, so if you search the forum you’ll see a lot of opinions. For example, a common opinion if you’re rolling your own is to use Node, because you’re already using it anyway. But other people disagree. Probably the most commonly recommended backend as a service providers are MongoDB and Firestore/Firebase.

i’m using firebase but its the cost long term that i’m worried about.

what’s confusing me is the fact that there’s no online place where the database is stored unlike for web, so i have no idea how the app and the db would be communicating, if it was deployed…