How are IonicPages discovered

Hey there,

I tried including an app which uses IonicPage for deeplinking. The partial app is not in the src folder … In the browser I am getting Invalid Link for those pages (DeepLinkConfig is not set). What I found out so far is that when compiling the code from the folder itself, there is some part in main.js which looks like this:

/***/ (function(module, exports, __webpack_require__) {

var map = {
	"../about/pages/about.module": [
	"../about/pages/contact.module": [
function webpackAsyncContext(req) {
	var ids = map[req];
		return Promise.reject(new Error("Cannot find module '" + req + "'."));
	return Promise.all(ids.slice(1).map(__webpack_require__.e)).then(function() {
		return __webpack_require__(ids[0]);
webpackAsyncContext.keys = function webpackAsyncContextKeys() {
	return Object.keys(map);
}; = 244;
module.exports = webpackAsyncContext;

/***/ }),

which is missing in my regular app.

How is this part created? Is there a specific webpack plugin which generates this code? Is it part of @ionic/app-scripts?

Thanks for your support :hugs:

Hey there,

after browsing the source code I found this, so setting ionic_deeplinks_dir seems to do the trick for me …