How am I to update my apk file every time I make a change on my template?


I’ve already created an APK file and deployed it to my android phone , I need the APK file to be updated every time I update or edit one of my template.
How is this possible?
I created my APK using the instructions here


if u use Mac OSX, open ur command line program go to ur folder and run this command

ionic run android

they install the app on ur phone if is debuug mode active


Uninstall the first apk file that you’ve created and plug your phone to the computer.

Run adb devices (if using android) to see if your device is connected to your computer, and also remember to enable debugging USB mode and developer options in your android preferences.

If using ios, open xcode and make sure that your device is shown on the top left part of xcode.

Then you can use ionic run android or ionic run ios to automatically create a new apk and deploy it automatically on your device.

I personally also like to run cordova build android before the cordova run android, just in case.

Cordova or ionic commands are the same. I like to use cordova over ionic, but that its all up to you.

Once you’ve installed your apk via the console runcommand, you won’t need to uninstall it again, unless you want to install the app store version. That’s because the certificates used to sign the apk by your side and the certificates on the app store version are different and can cause a conflict.