Hotjar heatmap with Ionic React

Hello everyone.

I’m currently developing a website with Ionic-React.

I have included Hotjar using this library GitHub - abdalla/react-hotjar: Small component to implement Hotjar into your react application.

export function Hotjar () {
  useEffect(() => {
    const unlisten = history.listen(_ => {
      hotjar.initialize(HOTJAR_ID, HOTJAR_SNIPPET_VERSION)
    return () => {
  }, [])

  return null

export default withRouter(Hotjar)

The component above is included in the <IonReactRouter>
The HTTP requests are sent and Hotjar dashboard is updated when i navigate in the website.

But, the heatmap doesn’t work under the fold of any page.

I’ve tried some alternatives to Hotjar : Smartlook, Mouseflow …
And the bug is always the same.

Does anyone have any idea ?

Did you end up getting this working?
I asked a question about hotjar here: