Horizontal scroll stops working once packaged as phonegap app


Hey all,

the following code works fine in the browser, but the moment I package it as a phonegap app, it stops working.

<ion-view title="{{destination}}">
    <div id="map-screen">
      <div id="map-canvas" data-tap-disabled="true" ng-show="showMap()" class="animate-show-hide"></div>
      <ion-scroll id="place-photo-footer" direction="x">
        <div id="place-scroll" ng-controller="placeController as placeCtrl" style="width:5000px;">
          <a ui-sref="place-detail({placeId: place.place_id})" ng-repeat="place in places">
            <div class="place-item" class="animate-show-hide" id="place-{{place.id}}">
              <img src="{{place.photos[0].getUrl({'maxHeight': 100})}}">
              <img src="{{place.icon}}" class='icon'>
              <div class='marker'>{{placeCtrl.getMarker(place)}}</div>

One bit of information: this stopped working once I surrounded the main div by (which I am using to make it all work with nav-bar)

Any idea why this might be the case?