Horizontal scroll, select, menu, filter

I am trying to create scroll-able list acts as menu or filter.
That’s what I am trying to create, active list item will be on center.
If you select first item left side of it will be empty space until center or selected item.

I tried anchor scrolling but didn’t work.

   <ion-scroll direction="x" class="wide-as-need" >
      <div ng-repeat="type in types" style='display: inline-block; margin: 5px;' >
        <strong><a href="" id="anchor{{type}}" scroll-to="anchor{{type}}" class="button inline-button button-clear button-dark">{{type|uppercase}}</a></strong>

Above gives me horizontal scrollable list but selected item is not center and when first item is selected front of that item doesn’t stay empty. So it is just plain list.

Could any one help or guide me on how to make this?