Horizontal scroll problem

i found a code for horizontal scroll in this thread “List doesn’t scroll horizntally” and begin to test.

I need many scrollable horizontal lists with items like in my copy here ( http://codepen.io/5uper/pen/ItahH ).

But the problem is that i cannot more scroll vertically truth the lists.

Hope anyone knows the problem.

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I’m also interested, anyone has a solution?

i cannot find a solution, its only detects the horizontal slide

Have you tried this :

Hello @Calendee
first thx for your help.
yes i try your code but this is not what i mean, have u tried my code?

If i have many "…"
The problem is that i cannot scroll to the bottom one. It only detects the horizontal scroll if i try to scroll vertically.

I will scroll vertical to find the list of items i want than i will scroll horizontal. I will build a gallery scroller with categories.

I this possible ?

Also, is there anyway to snap to element like this example from iscroll: https://github.com/cubiq/iscroll/blob/master/demos/snap/index.html

If not yet, I think we should have in later versions because it looks like ios data picker.

yeah like this but horizontal scroll must separately scrollable for each list

I see what you are saying. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way around it. That direction="x" is essentially telling it to ignore/void all other directions.

Anyone else have ideas?

I have the exact same problem. Hope there will be a solution very soon! I realy need it for my app.

any update on this? Trying to get it to snap.

I’m also facing this problem, any news?

yup same problem, @ionicteam

Same here… I been trying to use the paging on ion-scroll but allow it to show some of the next page, but no success.

Anyone found a solution for this? I need to be able to embed multiple horizontal scroll inside of a vertically scrollable page.

Here’s a demonstration of the problem: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BoGkA
A solution is included, if you remove the “return false;” line from the controller, it will override the “preventDefault”-code that keeps the scroll events from bubbling up through the dom to the parent scroll container.
At least it works for the demonstrated situation, maybe it will help someone else, too. :smile:

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Great job ! Work fine !

And is it possible to lock vertical page scroll during ion-scroll horizontal scroll ? (and also the reverse)


hi Calendee, thanks for this horizontal scroll, after a long search i find this one that works good and simple for me.
but i hope you can help me in here,
with your short code i can only put this buttons that scroll (what inside the tag),
but when i try to put a container or image or other dives inside this ion-scroll section it is not scroll horizontal,
when i add images from example it add them one under the other insted of one side to the other (like it works with the a tag), you can understand what i do wrong? in general i like to get a section (like this ) and put inside containers that will scroll horizontal, is it possible? i hope you can help me in here…