Hiding nav bar


Hi, I succesfully hide the nav bar adding hide-nav-bar="true" to the ion-view tag.

But when I click to change the view, is possible to see the bar just until leave the screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


just comment the ion-navbar tag in you html file
it should look like this :


or of course you can delete it if you wish


Hi keloa, thanks, but the issue is the ion-navbar is located in the index file, and I need to use it in some pages. I tried moving that tag to any view, but I just get a blank screen.


I just noticed that you are using ionic 1 -which I didn’t use before- in ionic 2 for each page we have three files (page.html,page.scss, page.ts)
you can hide the navbar in one page by commenting the nabber tag in the page html file
if it is the same in ionic 1 try it , if the files structure is different , then I’m sorry I don’t know how to solve your problem