Hiding ion-nav-bar in index file

My index file declares the ion-nav-bar for the entire app. This shows up in the pages that requires nav bar to be shown. However, i don’t want the the nav bar to be shown in the index file itself. When the app loads, the nav-bar shows up on the index page for a second before loading the login page. It is undesirable to display the nav bar in what is supposed to be a loading page. How can i fix this? Thanks.

If you dont want the index file to show, then fix your UI Router to show the first page of the app at

Normally, nav bars are hidden via:

 <ion-view hide-nav-bar="true">


Thanks for reply. I thought index file loads by default?

It does. At first, when the ionic application will be loaded, it will be located at http://localhost:8080/index.html, but then the RouteProvider service will look at the route (the part of the URL after the #) and decide what HTML template to show.
For example,

My route is loading the login page by default. I just wonder how does everyone else does it.

As far as i know, unless needed, no one loads index as the first page :relaxed:
Even if they do, they add

<script type="text/ng-template"> 

because UI Router is very easy to use and follows the principle of SPA(Single Page Application) on which ionic is based.

Look at the sidemenu template.

 $ionic start myapp sidemenu

You will see how the UI Router manages the view routes with a Menu.