hideNavBar hideBackButton don't seem to work

I have a demo http://plnkr.co/edit/3WRDCv

When I’m done cropping I would like to navigate to the root of the app without a backbutton showing. Currently when I return to the root of the app the backbutton shows even after adding hideBackButton="true" to my home.html <ion-view> tag.

How do I hide the backbutton on my application’s root view?

The correct directive attribute is called hide-back-button instead of hideBackButton.

Actually it was a typo on the current docs that lead you to this mistake, here.

For future reference, all directive attributes follow hyphenated attribute naming conventions, which is also the case for html.

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Thanks for pointing that out @fredericogalvao : I’ve submitted a pull request.

great! it works now.

The same occurs for hidenavbar, on the api docs is written as hideNavBar, and the correct attribute is hide-nav-bar.
Maybe you guys want to take a look at it too.