hideNavBar hideBackButton don't seem to work


I have a demo http://plnkr.co/edit/3WRDCv

When I’m done cropping I would like to navigate to the root of the app without a backbutton showing. Currently when I return to the root of the app the backbutton shows even after adding hideBackButton="true" to my home.html <ion-view> tag.

How do I hide the backbutton on my application’s root view?


The correct directive attribute is called hide-back-button instead of hideBackButton.

Actually it was a typo on the current docs that lead you to this mistake, here.

For future reference, all directive attributes follow hyphenated attribute naming conventions, which is also the case for html.


Thanks for pointing that out @fredericogalvao : I’ve submitted a pull request.


great! it works now.


The same occurs for hidenavbar, on the api docs is written as hideNavBar, and the correct attribute is hide-nav-bar.
Maybe you guys want to take a look at it too.