Hide-nav-bar="true" FOUSC

I’m getting this flash of unstyled content when I’m trying to hide the navbar in one of my views. I want the view to just be fullscreen without a header image.

<ion-view hide-nav-bar="true" ng-controller="IndexController" >

That works, but it flashes the nav bar for a moment which is really annoying. Any idea on how to avoid that?

Here’s a movie that shows what I mean: http://cl.ly/3j230s0X1R3v

How is your route for index? Index is a dangerous name. Haha.
What version of Ionic are you using?

My bet: something is wrong with your route.

can you create a codepen?

No, sorry. I suggest you:

  1. Answer the question above.
  2. Start from a template to understand how routes works, the problem surely is there.

@raphaelpinheiro thanks for helping out! I’m going to start from scratch again in order to figure out what can be wrong.

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