"Hidden" media files


Hello there,
I am building an app whose central feature is a chat.
Within this chat you cen send text, images and videos.

The normal way is, to store the media files somewhere on the file system. But my app has a higher need for privacy so i want to prevent the media files from beeing easy accessible outside of the app.
My only way right now is, to store the files as an base64 string within a pouchdb. But storing files in a database is not the best way i guess…
Do you guys have some different and better approach for me?

Thank you

best regards


When discussing security, it’s helpful to describe what you don’t want to happen. Can you do that more specifically?


The messages/files of the chat will delete themselves after x hours.
Until this point, the files should be stored locally on the device,
And i want to prevent the users to be able to access the files via file managers,etc, so that they dont make copies of them to bypass the auto delete.
I know, an advanced user could bypass mostly any security measures, but my targets are the “common” users


Generally speaking, files created by your app are only readable by your app. I can’t think of anything you could do that would prevent a common user from doing what an advanced user could do.