Help Wizard throughout App


We currently have an app utilizing ionic 7. It is a fairly complex app with multiple pages, Bluetooth interactions with a device, cloud interactions to get/send configuration data/log data.

I have been asked if it was possible to create some sort of “wizard” that would appear on each page as you go through connecting over Bluetooth to a device and configuring it. The “wizard” would overlay the main page and follow a complex flow diagram. As the user goes from page to page they would get information and do configuration and input this input this “wizard” as they go until they are done.

I really am not sure how to do this and have not seen any other apps do somethings similar.

Has anyone does something similar or does this just not seem feasible?

Thanks for any input!


Maybe something like a “guide” framework would work? Something like

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Thank you. I will take a look at it.