Help with SafariViewController

HI, I need some help. I need to use safariViewController to open a url inside the app. This is my code, the same as the documentation, but when i try the app in the xcode simulator it doesn’t work, nothing happens.

<a (click)="goUrl()"> OPEN </a>

  .then((available: boolean) => {
      if (available) {{
          url: '',
          hidden: false,
          animated: false,
          transition: 'curl',
          enterReaderModeIfAvailable: true,
          tintColor: '#ff0000'
        .subscribe((result: any) => {
            if(result.event === 'opened') console.log('Opened');
            else if(result.event === 'loaded') console.log('Loaded');
            else if(result.event === 'closed') console.log('Closed');
          (error: any) => console.error(error)

      } else {
        // use fallback browser, example InAppBrowser

Any idea why??