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Hey there! In case you haven’t noticed, the forum is super busy!

One of our community members, Dragan Gaić (@Gajotres), recently wrote a fantastic blog post titled, "How To Ask a Good Ionic Forum Question” and we thought it would be great to highlight some of his points here.

There are so many posts here that it can be a bit crazy. With this in mind, we wanted to point
out some steps you can take to help us help you.

Has this question been asked before?

Before you post a question, take some time and search the forum first. Chances are, someone else
has already asked something similar. If they haven’t received an answer, it’s a great chance to
figure out the issue. If the question has been answered, then hooray!

##What not to ask

Never ask someone to do your job or assignment. We’re a welcoming community over here, but we expect some effort on your part.

One question per post

Asking multiple question per post is okay, as long as they’re all related. If you start asking multiple question that are unrelated, it can become quite difficult to figure out what the real issue is. Keep the post simple and on one topic.

Working Environment

Having issues building an app? Or maybe there are some issues setting up the Android SDK? There are
a lot of possibilities, so it could be a bit hard to figure out the problems at first. That’s why
it is important to provide as much information as possible, such as your OS, node version, cordova
version, ionic-cli version, etc. This can help us get to the issue much faster.

Give Dragan’s post a read and keep some thing in mind before posting on the forum. With these steps,
we think we can keep the forum running smoothly. Thanks everyone!

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