Help to updating project in ionic4

my project in ionic3 but now ionic4 is come , and i update cli to ionic4 then my ionic3 code is not working so there is any solution that i update cli to ionic4 and also my code is working which is written in ionic3.

Hi @rajputsachin,

The Ionic CLI v4 is designed to work with projects using both Ionic versions 3 and 4. What is the error you’re getting?


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in ionic 3 we uses navPush and in ionic4 push page is depreacted and routing is used to moving into pages.
so these types or error is come and some UI changes is also there in ionic4 which is not working in ionic3

I see. But we can’t help you if you’re not more specific about your problem or paste the actual error messages here.

in ionic3 for moving page we use navctrl.push but in ionic4 it is not there.

You can still use the NavController in Ionic 4 for an easier upgrade, but you should know its deprecated.

Josh Morony has a very good tutorial on updating navigation from Ionic 3 to Ionic 4: