Help/Support building and deploying from git tag instead of a commit

I am currently able to run new builds from any commit in any of my apps branches, which is useful when maintaining separate branches for different build and deployment needs/environments. However, it would also be useful, particularly in our production pipeline, to build from a git tag instead of a commit SHA. In addition to the pros of using an immutable tag for prod releases, it would also be easier and less error-prone to identify what should be built and deployed, versus a mix of commit messages across different branches to choose from.

Is this something that can currently be done, or is this a feature that would need to be added?



Thanks for flagging this. Unfortunately building from Git Tags is not currently available within Appflow but I do see value in what you mentioned and I will make sure to forward this to our engineering team for further consideration.

You will hear back from us in case there are any updates on this but there is not specific timeline that I can share at this point of time.

Please do let us know if you have any further question or concerns or you can also reach out to our Appflow support here.