Help Setting up Environment for Old Project (2.0.0-beta.11)

Like the title says, I have a project build on “ionic-angular”: “2.0.0-beta.11”. I imagine I have to install Ionic cli locally but am having a hard time finding the appropriate version of that package. Either the install fails completely or I get a bunch of incompatibility warnings.

Upgrading is not an option at this point.

Can anyone guide me in the way a project like this should be set up?

Many thx,


maybe a goable (is this a word?) way is, to use a node version manager like nvm, so you can provide same npm version as your old project.

Take a look to your package.json. Here you should see all installed packages with version numbers. See npm doc what ^ ~ etc. is meaning.

If you have your complete project folder, then it should work with out greater hassle. if packages are missing a npm i install it.

Globally installed packages can make problems. You can try to install it local without -g. Be careful at this point, because installing older packages globally can kill all other projects, that won’t work with this old packages.

To be save you can do all in a new virtual machine, than you can install packages that needs installed global as they needs. And best: You can repeat it, repeat it, rep…

Best regards, anna-liebt

Thanks Anna, but problem is the Ionic CLI is typically installed globally and does not appear in package.json. I ended up googling Ionic 2.0.0-beta.11 and came across a post that listed the development environment and was able to find the appropriate CLI version to install. "ionic": "^2.1.0-beta.3" worked for me (installed locally.)

And then to serve:

./node_modules/ionic/bin/ionic serve

Hope this helps someone

Have you actually tried using the normal, recent Ionic CLI? It is usually compatible with all Ionic versions, back to Ionic v1.