Help me to improve the performance of my directive


Hello mates,

I have created a directive for hide or show the navbar or FAB button in the content scroll. The code and documentation is on github:

But I want improve two things.

First, the performance of content.resize() is a bit laggy, but I don’t find another solution. Maybe it’s a question of code.

Second, I want to call the method .close() in FAB button before the animation starts (I want to close the fab list if is opened), but I can’t find a way to get the host component with his original methods.

Thank you all!



In the youtube video i see you’re hiding the navbar and on the 2nd page you’re using transparent header but on scroll header becomes not transparent.

Do you mind sharing some code?




All code is in github. At this moment I don’t have free time to work on this directive.



What code do you want to see exactly? How to start with a transparent navbar --> colored navbar?