HELP! Ionic App Build in VS 2013 does not work in Ionic View Phone App

I built an app in VS 2013 and everything seems to be going great! All the ionic commands work properly and I can debug and change the look of my app with no problems. However, I wanted to have others look at what I have done and once I choose View App on the Ionic View phone application, a blank screen is all I see.

Ionic serve works great locally and I can work through my app just as intended! So why is it that I cannot see my app on my phone via Ionic View?

I have other applications I have done and I can see them, but not through VS, so I’m not sure if this is the culprit. I also have my google api key as needed. I’m just worried if this is a sign of what is to come when I deploy…

Thanks for the help!!!


I moved a lot of the code around and put stuff in the index.html and I can see the “home page” HOWEVER, NOTHING WORKS functionality wise.

You can see browser wise, even my photo shows up. But I don’t get the same thing in the mobile app that I uploaded to Ionic View. HELP PLEASE!!


Ionic View App: