Help in developing first app


I am new to mobile app development but I have managed to get my first app going with the getting started guide. I was able to run the sample app.

I have a chess engine and want to build a chess app. I am not able to figure out how to get it done.

  1. How to draw the chess board (the chess board should scale automatically based on the device)
  2. How to draw the chess pieces on them
  3. How to enable drag drop for the pieces and how to disable drag drop for the board
  4. How to write the event handler for drag-drop for the piece
  5. How to show an alert and play a sound when the game ends.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


Any help? I just need pointers.

the problem is, that this are all question nothing to do with ionic… sorry…
This is more your work to research how to draw a chessboard with css/html or canvases.
Adding Drag and Drop is not that easy if you have no background knowledge like if you want good user experiences your chessboard should be full visible on the screen without scrolling. because scrolling and dragging is mess.
For that you can look in some drag and drop libraries like jquery ui and jquery-touch (for touch events) (google is your friend).

Alerts can be done with ionic framework --> read the docs for javascript component popup
or use a native cordova plugin that shows a native popup/toast message.

Playing a sound is easy with javascript --> google is your friend.

Come back if you find out something and played around.

Thanks for clarifying.

I was confused between using a “

” vs. ionic grid. Also, I see that there is an ionic gesture service (as well as something for drag/drop), does that not work?