Help in building IONIC 2 With Oracle Apex

Hello Experts

This is my first post to this forum. I am trying to start a hybrid application using IONIC 2 as a web container of my Oracle Apex application which I have deep experience in. The hybrid application would contain these main parts:

  1. Login Screen would be built by beautiful IONIC 2 components.
  2. Some pages built by IONIC 2 e.g. one uploading a picture taken by camera to a Google Drive.
  3. Responsive web pages from my Oracle Apex application.

After installing the required infrastructure: (NodeJS + Cordova + Ionic 2) on my Windows 10 OS, I would like to ask the following questions:
Q1) How to build a fancy login screen with IONIC 2 that shows if there is available internet connection or not? If available, then it would enable buttons that go to the contained web pages (Apex)?
Q2) Are there tutorials help me effectively in my project? What are the next steps?
Q3) Are there any consideration I should take care of?

I wold appreciate any help you provide.


I’m also interested in this topic.
Did you have any success?