Help for my first Ionic / Angular App

Hello, I’m a Rails developer and I’m new to Angular and Ionic.
I’m trying to create a small quiz app, but after a lot of tutorials and experiment I still have a lot of questions unanswered.

I’m trying to find a 1 to 1 pairing session with someone that know Angular and Ionic very well so I can expose my “ideas” before starting the development?

Thank you

Maybe for starting point, you can share your problem in here, instead waiting for someone that can spare his/her time full to discuss with you :smile:


First question: how can I keep my data secure?
I want to create an app with SQLite, because I need a small db of question and answers.
Looking in the code of the app anyone can see the db name and can download my db right? How can I keep data safe?

The same db is serving a website with a Rails backend, but I want an app that works also offline.