Hello World content won't show unless I set height to 100%

Hello there, I’m trying out ionic from Worklight (a Cordova-based IBM framework) by importing all the necessary .css and .js files. Worklight itself doesn’t add any critical content (i.e. there shouldn’t be any issue related to style overrides etc).

In order to start, I followed this http://mcgivery.com/hello-world-first-ionic-framework-app/101 Hello World tutorial, referenced in this forum.
However, content of the page won’t show (i.e. blank page) unless I set html and body height to 100%.

If I do, everything works normally until I decide to load new content into the page, like

$('#myContent').load('someOtherContent.html', function( ) {


Content loaded this way only shows what fits in the viewport, and doesn’t allow scrolling (i.e. part of the content is invisible and unreachable). Could that be related to the fact that I forced height to 100%? Regardless, I’d like to know how to run the Hello World screen without using that workaround.

Thanks in advance.