Header Tabs

I’m trying to implement some header tabs in my porject but my views keep chrasing and don’t either of my html pages.
The page with the tabs is in my main.html

     <ion-tab title="New" href="#/views/new.html">
            <ion-nav-view name="new"></ion-nav-view>
     <ion-tab title="Previous" href=#/views/previous.html">
    <ion-nav-view name="previous"></ion-nav-view>

Both new.html and previous.html have something similar to

<ion-view title="new">
    <ion-content class="padding">

and my state is

.state('tab.new', {
    url: '/new',
    views: {
        'new': {
            templateUrl: 'views/new.html',
            controller: 'newCtrl'

I would really appreciate any help, I’ve been stuck on this issue for a while now.