Having trouble setting up environment

I am completely new to app development and I am experiencing a lot of problems in setting up the hello world ionic application because something goes wrong I guess with the installation of the android platform. I understand that I need to create a virtual machine (avd) to run the application, but it is definitely not trivial at all to make it run.

Following the android-studio (2.3.3) instructions I managed to create the avd with the gui manager but it was not possible to launch any hello-world app, as the avd got stuck in “waiting for target device to come online” forever and ever (and if I cannot launch android-studio hello-world app, neither could I try ionic hello-world app…).

Right now, I decided to start from the very beginning and I uninstalled everything.

Is there somebody who can help me sharing some clue? What should I do to really make an empty hybrid app working? Is it really that painful?

Thanks for any help,

If you can’t start an emulator with the Android Studio hello world project, this has nothing to do with Ionic or hybrid apps.