Having contents in ion-scroll-view that exceed the boundaries of the scroll view

I have an ion-content-view, in which a list is shown. At the end of the list, the upper edge of a newspaper article is visually indicated. You can tap on the edge to open the article in a browser and ‘read more’.

Since only the upper edge is indicated, the rest of the visual newspaper should become visible once the user scrolls down more than allowed (so that it would bounce back once the touch ended), for the sake of aesthetics. This visual part of the article element has no function. The only purpose is that the upper edge of the visual article indication should not suddenly visually stop while scrolling down and bouncing back.

Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/2c2U3Q20220Y

You could compare this to the ion-refresher which becomes only visible while scrolling beyond the natural scrolling area.

Thus, the by default non-visible part of the article should exceed the boundaries of the scrollable content, so it may not be taken into account while calculating the scrollable content height in resize().

I tried positioning the non-visible part with position: absolute;, but the element is still taken into account, and so it’s always fully visible, instead of hidden by the scroll view.
What can I do to let it exceed the scroll area?