Has-bouncing doesn't seem to bounce

Ok firstly, I’m a newbie at Ionic so I may have misunderstood some of the documentation.

I have an ion-content that has the has-bouncing=“true” like so.

> <ion-content has-bouncing="true">
> <ion-list>
> <ion-item ng-repeat="currItem in items" href="#/app/item/{{currItem.id}}">
> <p> {{currItem.id}} </p>
> </ion-item>
> </ion-list></ion-content>

I haven’t done much else and I’ve just using the default sidemenu template here.

I assume that having has-bouncing=true will mean that when it gets to the end of the page, it’ll have a bounce back effect. Instead, it just stops at the end of the page and does not give the user any feedback.

I’ve tried this on chrome, firefox and uploaded to my Android ionic view app and it is the same there.

Am I misunderstanding what has-bouncing is supposed to do? If so, how do I get feedback when the user has reached the bottom of a page?