Has anyone deployed using Buddybuild?


Does anyone have any experience deploying to device using Buddybuild? I am able to successfully build, but the deployed app just shows a blank screen. I followed these steps to build and deploy Ionic 2 projects: http://docs.buddybuild.com/docs/adding-ionic-2-apps-beta

Yes and iOS deployment and Apple’s absurd provisioning logic works fine on BuddyBuild circumventing Apple’s horrendous licensing pipe. But… for Android, I get no APK generated. Locally this works fine. How did you get it to produce a APK? I am seeing many non-debugabble “undefined” errors.

I managed to get it all working after doing a debug session with one of their engineers. Have you tried with the latest sample scripts given in the link http://docs.buddybuild.com/docs/adding-ionic-2-apps-beta ?

Sure we use latest scripts. May I ask what Android Versions you are using in your platforms/android/build-extras.gradle

Locally, we use (working):

buildToolsVersion "24.0.1"
compileSdkVersion 23

What plugins do you use if I may ask?

And do you also experience total sluggishness in Android?

http://docs.buddybuild.com/docs/adding-ionic-2-apps-beta currently gives a 404, and I cannot seem to find any documentation on the buddybuild site or elsewhere how to make it work. When I add my app, it starts the build but then gives me an error message

 Using Command Line: cordova --no-interactive platform add android
  You have been opted out of telemetry. To change this, run: cordova telemetry on.
  Error: Current working directory is not a Cordova-based project.

I think it needs ionic to build the /src folder into the /www folder before it tries to run any Cordova commands. I suppose that is what those “sample scripts” are for in that link, but the link is broken. If any of you who have gotten this working can post the sample scripts, it would be much appreciated.

This might help: http://docs.buddybuild.com/docs/common-cordova-ionic-build-errors