Has anyone been able to integrate facebook log-in into creator?


Any help would be highly appreciated! I’m looking to implement a native login into my creator app


Did you get this working? Trying to do the same thing? I have it working on my other local project.

But not sure how to add via creator. Feel easier to do it on my own and let the designer use creator.


I really need that too D:


Since I’ve been looking for a few hours now, and there seems to be others asking, I’ll bump this post and add some more details in hope that someone will supply us the information.

I’m looking too for a way to integrate facebook / instagram login into ionic creator. Now this is the key, into CREATOR. All of the responses and tutorials I see is for direct install of the plugin and code outside of creator.

I read one post that said inAppBrowser is already available for Creator. If that is so, where? How do we install the inAppBrowsing inside of creator to then attach it to Instagram, Facebook, etc?

I don’t see an option inside of Ionic Auth addon. I don’t see an option inside of Addons. If it’s native, then where do we add links or connect it to Instagram? Is the user connection then stored in Ionic Auth?

Hoping someone could walk us through an example.