Handwriting Plugin for Windows 10

Hi, We have a requirement to convert the image to text from the canvas element user draws.
I have found that Windows.UI.Input.Inking.InkManager is being used for this feature.
I am not able to find any ionic plugin to get this feature. Kindly support me on this.

imho with a little bit here a litte bit there best offline stroke recognition ever
As far as I know is this only on a windows machine available. If I am wrong, pleasssse share it.
If you build electron to windows, then take a look to nodert
If you build from ionic to windows, give it a try and post your results.

I played a little bit with tesseractjs, but I was not satisfied. Maybe I have done it wrong, because I am beginner with that web related stuff and at that time I was a bloody beginner…

If offline recognition is not necesarry, and ms is your favorite, then take look to there cognitive services.

Best regrards, anna-liebt

I am building ionic application which needs to be executed in windows. So far i did not find any plugin for Handwriting recognition. Is there any native plugins available.