Handling a download initiated by an in-app-purchase

Hi, I am in dark as far as what to do about an incoming download which is initiated upon an in-app-purchase. There are great in-app purchase plugins, but I guess this aspect ( unzipping & file & folder management ) involves a different ball game and perhaps a different plug in.

I need to unzip the file and mount the folders and the files that are in the zip content into appropriate locations. The download is not a single file unfortunately. It’s got 50 gif, 50 small mp3, and a bunch of html files.

If this was PHP, I would have known what to do about this but with JS & HTML, I am clueless.

Has anyone done something like this here and would like to guide me?

Thank you

I don’t yet follow why the in-app purchase matters here. Are you saying you don’t know how to download a group of files? Or are you saying you can do that, and there’s a special additional problem?