Guide to safely making modifications to plugins

Does anyone know of, or have a guide on how to make changes to a plugin.

I’ve made two changes to the native audio plugin (fix the asset director from www to public and a change to make my app audio mix in with music the user may have playing) that are just code changes I have made in the NativeAudio.m file and so will be overwritten on any plugin reinstalls etc.

I’m guessing I need to checkout the native audio repo, make the changes and the publish to npm? This seems pretty over the top for 15 character changes so any other suggestions would be great.

Ideally you’d make a pull request to update the plugins in question. Making changes the way you are is not safe and is not really the right way to do things.

For the plugin, make the change, and send a pull request to the original plugin.

ok, that would change the behaviour for every future install for everyone of that plugin though wouldn’t in? I’ve modified it to suit my needs rather than fixing a bug or adding general functionality…

if it’s an improvement, Im sure other would appreciate it.
But if it’s just a modification for your needs, fork the plugin, republish on npm under your own team/org

Ok, it’s not an important improvement at all, just for my project so will fork and publish to npm