Grey area appears outside of the app or orientation change - iOS

Presently trying to figure out a strange display bug(?). Presently, in iOS emulation, a grey area appears outside of the app, filling a portion of the screen area between the app, and the expected iOS black.

It’s almost as if the grey is the expected position of the content while redrawing, while the actual content redrawing is lagging behind.

Since word’s probably won’t convey - here’s a screen cap vid. It’s a little more choppy than the actaul redraw I’m seeing. But you can see the grey era in question.

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I think its the same problem i am facing, I can’t see the video now.if its the same as i think then its is there in chrome also.In my case some junk pixels are left behind the screen after some animations.Its getting fixed when i am redrawing those parts(the affected divs) with css display change ( block -> none -> block).Its a redraw issue in webkit. check this stackoverflow link