Graphic glitches and low performances

Hi guys
i’m testing Capacitor for the very first time. I’ve migrated a cordova (+ VueJS + Onsen UI) test application because in cordova, when using hardware acceleration, I have a lot of graphical artefacts (like the following image) and very slow performance, in example, during a list scroll, items are rendered after a couple of seconds of lag.

I’ve thought that with Capacitor everything would run better but i’m experiencing the exact issue. Any idea ?

Disabling HW acceleration fix all issues but the overall performance is heavy affected and everything is almost unusable (but graphically perfect)

what device is that you are running on? What is in your lists? There really needs to be quite a bit more information provided to get any really feedback?

it’s an android-based receipt printer (quad 1.3ghz, 8GB ROM +1GB RAM, android 7.1)

these are just some test list, the issue is not only related to the list but to anything using (i think) the gpu.
even in idle, a list refresh (by vuejs) sometimes trigger the graphic artefacts.

What version of the Chrome WebView are you using? There was a bug in Chrome 85 that resulted in similar graphical glitches (see:

You can find out the version by logging window.navigator.userAgent when inspecting your application with Chrome Dev Tools.

having kind of similar problem, only on a barcode handheld with android 8.1, latest android webview system and chrome 91, testing it on firefox works without problems