Grails Spring Core security login from app!

Guys/Girls please help me out here.

I have my app hooked up to Grails(2.5.1) and Spring core security(2.0 RC5), with CORS 1.1.8 and the white list plugin.

The authentication works 100% in postman app with login and getting data from various services. My token implementation is also working 100% but colour me pink, I cannot get it to authenticate in the app!

It seems that the url, j_security_check is called, it is recognised as an AJAX call and is calling the ajaxSuccess() method.

However the if(springSecurityService.principal.hasProperty(“id”)) check FAILS! and there is no login for me on my app.

Not on emulators (iphone or Android) nor on the devices iphone 5/6 or on Samsung S3.

Any pointers would be appreciated! First ionic app and running VERY late with delivery…

Cheers in advance!