Gradle Error on VSTS Server causing ionic build to fail

I am running a continuous integration process for my ionic app on a Team Services Server through Microsoft. I am seeing this error documented with Gradle 2.14:

The solution to this is to either upgrade Gradle to 2.2, or do some environment variable pointing or folder creation. The second option is not available since VSTS won’t let me change variables, or write to the directory specified in the forum.

I am wondering how I can set the gradle version. Since this is a fresh environment on every build, i’d like to not have to build some sort of parsing script to go into the platforms/android folder and change the files to do this. I was hoping for an ionic version that automatically uses 2.2 or something.


Turns out this error was not causing the problem. Turns out you can create and write files to the directory needed on this server.

I did so and fixed the gradle issue, but this was not the root problem.