GPS position, it's not accurate


Hi community, i need your help!!

I’m working with ionic framework and i am doing a test with GPS (cordova-plugin-geolocation) in android and IOS, in both Devices, the GPS is not acurrate and fail for a various meters.
The GPS is called in a factory no in the controller, this can to affect the position.

This apk is has installed in devide Android(Samsung GT-I9150 Android Version 4.2.2) and Iphone 5c (IOS 10), now i don’t have Xcode developer license.

Excuse me for my English, is so basic


Hi @srchile

there might be at least two reasons for this.

  1. Did you set “enableHighAccuracy” in geolocationOptions? You can check here.

  2. Are you calling the position from your service with watchPosition or by getCurrentPosition? The first one will trigger updateCallbacks the latter won’t.

Hope this helps.