Google Street data with Building name and image

Ionic2 / angular2 provides Google’s data as given below.

auto load cities…streerts…streets nums…and user choose…and it depend on each choosen, and contry will be isreal by defalt in code.

Automatic selection from Google Api with exact demo.


For what problem exactly should we provide you with the “exact demo”? It is not really clear what job we should do for your from your problem description.

I have to do Follow Step.

step 1 : page 3 loading

  • contry need to be defalt and in code (country is isreal)
  • filed 1 is city, when page load so all cities load first to drop down.
  • filed 2 is street name, when user choose city so after that all streets are been load to drop down.
  • filed 3 is street number, when user choos street name so then street nums are load to drop down, and user choos his building street number.
    if not have street number on api of google, so talk to me and we will think together what to do.
  • after all this option that user choose so an event is make google api to load the image of the building like in google db.
  • filed 4 (textbox) - Apartment number (can be only numbers).

step 2 : “join button” action

  • when user now press join, so system chek if that adress already exsist. (adress mean = city+street+street number)
    if not exist, so this user is the first one for this building and this building is creat on db , building = group.
    if this building is exsist, so this user is join to building.
    *in admin need to see building(group) details, all info that user insert from application form(page 3 ), includ image.
    under this group need to see all users that under + all tham details.

Sorry, I don’t understand your English enough to make sense of what you are trying to achieve. No offense.

In Short I Want

  1. DEFAULT israel Country
  2. City of israel (On the basis of step 1)
  3. On the basis of Step to “Want address of Street”
  4. Street of images of Building if it has.

Thats all