Google plus login . weird problem in --prod --release

as to google plus login…
I don’t have problem in login on command ionic cordova run android .

but to get apk file, I did this command line
ionic cordova run android --prod --release refering deploy process on ionic doc…

and I signed and did all the way as doc said.
finally I get signed apk file and checked it on my device.
but I get error code 10 which I can’t see it on debug mode…

why is it…? is there any chances that I can find problem on --prod --release?

What does “code 10” mean?
Did you test your app with ionic cordova run android --prod? Then it is a debug build that can be debugged with remote debugging.

Code: 10
I have also faced this error code many times,
have you setted ‘webClientId’ in your auth function in app.js,
if yes, your webclient key set in Google API Key credentials and this misplaced or incorrect.

then this error message will come.
please re-check all credentials set in app and set in backend
Hope this helps

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