Google Play publishing woes

I’ve created an Ionic 2 app using the Spotify API. It’s a playlist builder for a particular genre. Users swipe through songs to decide if they would like to add them to their playlist. I use the Spotify API with cover art and 30 second preview clips.

Today I attempted to deploy to the play store and was rejected for Unauthorized use of Copyrighted Content in in-app content and screenshots. Mind you, I have GIANT Play in Spotify buttons as per Spotify’s TOS. I have a giant and unsightly bright green Log in with Spotify button. I have made it clear in my app description that it is powered by Spotify. My app icon and feature image are 100% original. Some of my screenshots contain, wait for it, album art that is present everywhere in my app that was legally obtained from the Spotify API. Yet that doesn’t seem to be able to get me into the Google Play store.

Short of tossing the app I’ve spent a good while on in the trash… What do I do? Is it the screenshots? Have any of you had a similar problem? How do all these apps get published using the Spotify API?

Is it a free app? Do you play any Spotify content? Or maybe you use some in-app adds? There are a number of reasons your app could be rejected for, as I can tell from Spotify’s terms of agreement (for instance: in no way you’re allowed to monetize content obtained through the Spotify API). But probably some references to ‘Spotify’ got you blocked… they can be pretty tough with these kinds of things. If I were you I would ask for some extra explanation, because sometimes they reject these kinds of apps a little bit too fast.

Free app. No ads. I play the allowed 30 second preview clips (permitted with a link back to the Spotify site, as per their TOS). I’m trying to get in contact with Google, but I’m very new at this. My description mentions Spotify, but only to reference the fact that my app consumes their API, not to claim affiliation. Thank you for your response, though.

I did a little research on the matter and I found quite some people suffering issues when submitting it to the Play Store. Most issues are due to naming Spotify, then get blocked by default. If you had contact with Google, please share with us… Maybe we could all learn about some do’s and don’ts! I really hope it gets solved for you.