Google maps replaces ionic font


Hi there,

It seems that including google maps in an ionic app replaces it’s font. As an example, check out the change in the header when you click the map button:

Any idea of how to prevent this from happening? There seems to be a stack overflow question about it, but I couldn’t seem to make the solution work.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!


Having the same problem here!


This worked for me, just place it before the map loading code:


Ouch, replacing the insertBefore sure is nasty, but this is the only real solution I’ve seen so far. Kudos!


You may force font like this:

body, .ionic-body  {
    font-family: sans-serif !important;    /* HACK! google maps downloads  roboto font and blinks the view */



I had seen that link before, but the fix didn’t seem to work for me then. This works nicely, thanks!