Google Maps plugin issue "because it's not ready."

Hi all, hoping someone could help me with an issue I’ve been having, I’m using the google maps plugin in my app and lately I’ve been having this issue with it, let me explain what happens.
I navigate to my map page, then on ionviewdidload I load my map, map loads up and all is well.
On the map ready event I set my BehaviorSubject mapReady to true, I have listeners attached to the mapReady BehaviorSubject that will create the markers if the map is ready, so I only create the markers after I’ve received the map_ready event from the map.

Problem is, I’m getting inconsistent results, 1/10 times the markers will correctly be created but the rest of the time I get this in my console logs “[ignore]map_0_266616626213.loadPlugin, because it’s not ready.”

I’ve been trying a whole variety of things and nothing seems to work.
I was using the stable branch 2.2.5 but i’m now on multiple_maps branch 2.2.6 to see if that makes a difference yet to no avail.

Could someone perhaps cast some light on this issue?

Many thanks!

Versions used:
npm : 5.6.9
cordova : 8.0.0
ionic: 3.19.1
rxjs: 5.5.6
@ionic/app-scripts: 3.1.7
typescript: 2.6.2

I managed to fix the issue, the marker was being created while the map was not ready because the map ready responded with false on subscription when i was assuming it to give me true.

Forgot that behaviour subjects broadcast their value immediately on subscription.