Google Maps Native not Working

I have the same problem, help me!

Hello, I solved the problem by creating an api key for android and not for web, I hope I have helped

Hi @matheusjoveliano,

Yes, the problem is resolved

Thank you :slight_smile:

what process u did ?

If you are still struggling with an blank google map on iOS devices and emulators. Go into your config.xml file.
And between the iOS platform tag

 <platform name="ios"> 

Add this:

<!-- Allow images, xhrs, etc. to -->
<access origin="" />
<access origin="" />

<!-- Access to the subdomain -->
<access origin="" />

<!-- Access to all the subdomains on -->
<access origin="http://*" />

<!-- Enable requests to content: URLs -->
<access origin="content:///*" />

<!-- Don't block any requests -->
<access origin="*" />

Its from the Cordova whitelist plugin documentation

It enables your application to retrieve information from Google Maps domains using the Google Maps JavaScript SDK or otherwise. This had me stumped for a good awhile and hopefully this ends the frustrations for some.

This work for my

May i know what you did to solve that problem

I have this problem too. I have root page where I have link to map page.
First redirect to map -> map is rendered (also markers)
Second end next redirects -> map is not rendered - it means that I have only white screen with navbar and menu icon.

Every package has newest version.
Implementation of map is from documentation

Can you please help me solve this issue?

Thanks a lot

No one do not know?


If you create a demo project, and share it on github, I will check it.

i using your google-map component, but not work for me.

That such a friend as he solved that problem I am in the same

Even though i have added the height :100%; in css file, map doesn’t render. It is working fine when i have given
style=“height: 100%;” in div.

Thanks for the solution @williamdelvalle

thank you, its working