Google maps native not draggable

Hey !

I am using the cordova 2.0 implementation for GoogleMaps and I have one last problem. The map doesn’t drag or react to any click event.
This is how I initialize the map:

let mapEle = this.theMap.nativeElement; = new,
        'controls': {
          'compass': true,
          'myLocationButton': true,
          'indoorPicker': true,
          'zoom': true,
          'clickable': true,
          'draggable': true
        'styles': [
            featureType: "all"
            featureType: "road.arterial",
            elementType: "geometry"
          featureType: "",
          elementType: "labels",
          stylers: [
            { visibility: "off" }
      'camera' : {
        target: {
          lat: latLng.latitude,
          lng: latLng.longitude
        zoom: 14
    console.log('Map should be loaded.');, () => {

      console.log("Map is ready.");{draggable: true});;


And it works just fine except for the fact that it’s not reactive to any click.
Does anybody know why or how I could fix that ?

Thank you !

I have the same issue!! Did you find the solution??



Hey !

I had an html element going over the map. I just had to make sure there was no overlapping element to it ever (not even a loading screen or a navigator alert).

Good luck :slight_smile: