Google Maps have to be reloaded each time state changes


Hi everyone

Again, somewhat new to the whole AngularJS + Ionic framework.

Anyway I’ve implemented google maps v3 using this example:

The code example has been implemented in a standard sideMenu style navigation with a MapCtrl in map.html template.


  1. When the state changes and back to map.html again, the map completely reloads.
  2. I’ve looked into solutions online and most requires a third party script. (trying to keep amount of third party scripts to a minimum)
  3. Some vague information has been posted and I believe it is necessary to initialize google maps using Angular Services instead of doing it in a Controller.
  4. Is there a simple example of initializing google maps using services instead?
  5. Is there a standard/best-practice method for initializing a simple maps?



Tze Yang