Google Maps Directions NOT WORKING in ionic view

Hi guys! I’m developing an ionic version 1 application. I want to add Google Maps Directions API to one of my functions. So I added the html+javascript code to my ionic view template in my project. But it is not working. Only showing a white space in the view as below.


But I tried the same code by creating another blank project. I added the same code to the index.html and it is working without any errors as below.

What is the reason behind this? Working fine with a new blank project after inserting the same code in the index.html?

Waiting for a quick response. Thank you :slight_smile:

Obviously something is interfering with the code in your normal app. Do you get any errors anywhere?
Is this on device, emulator or browser?

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No errors! This is in the browser my friend. Just not loading only the white space