Google maps and iScroll not working properly

since ionic scrolling is sometimes very slow and full of lags, I installed iScroll lib but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with google maps. Inside pages with google maps the scroll doesn’t work or if it does is not good as normal pages.


Not sure how much help we can be here, since you’re using iScroll. Our scrolling/tap system has an attribute that you can add to resolve this issue, but iScroll doesn’t

Only advise I can give is to ditch iScroll and use our scroller (which is basically using the same principles.

Thanks! do you know why ionic scroller is not fast as iscroll despite the are based on the same principles ?


For performance, it really depends on the amount of content you have. Can you share an example of where you’re having slow performance?

This problem is really existed, I had seen the iscroll source code, and try to use iscroll way to make a special page transition effect. The code below

transform: translate(0px, 0px) scale(1) translateZ(0px);

Iscroll using the CSS3 2D transform, I find these words is very important


Without the words, fluency is poor,I think it is this a few word causes GPU to work。

I’m sorry my English is poor, so I use a translation tool, thank you!