"Go" button triggers ng-submit for input types "text" and "search" but not "tel" or "number"

Hi everyone!

I’m new around there, and just started enjoying this good framework (discovered AngularJS at the same time) ;-).

I’d like to know if someone has experienced the same issue:

Here’s my piece of code:

<form name="searchForm" ng-submit="searchForm.$valid && ctrl.getReport()" novalidate>
		<label class="item item-input">
			<i class="icon ion-search placeholder-icon"></i>
			<input 	type="search" ng-model="ctrl.reportNumber" 
					placeholder="Report Number" required>

If I type something in my “search” input, and press the “ok” button (bottom right corner of the Android keyboard), then the ng-submit code is executed. But if I change the type of input to “tel” or “number”, the same “go” buttons doesn’t trigger the ng-submit anymore.

Is it related to Angular, or Ionic? Should I create an issue on the GitHub?



Hi everyone,

I’ve finally put a ng-keyDown directive on my input element to detect when the user presses the “Go” button of its keyboard (keyCode 9). I also, by the way, handled the keyCode 13 (“Enter”). Then I call a method of my controller to trigger the form ng-submit code.

It’s working in the emulator, it should be working on my Nexus 5 (to be confirmed).

'Hope it will help ;-).